About Us

Our bakery was established in 1983 as a family owned business and was designed to be a customer friendly open concept where all the baking and decorating was done in full view of the public. They could watch as the fresh bakery products were being made and baked right in front of them and the baker could intereact with the customers.

We have relocated and will re-open June 19, 2017. In the beginning we will be a take out bakery only. As soon as we can we will have inside seating again so our regular

can again hang out and enjoy their bakery goods and beverage at their leisure.


6020 Pacific Ave SE - Suite B

Lacey, WA 98503

(360) 491-1151

(360) 539-7998 Fax


Mon - Fri 6 am - 5:30 pm

Sat - 7 am - 3 pm

Sun: Closed